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safe990969 screencap194939 character:fifi (g5)41 character:jazz hooves128 species:earth pony142427 species:pegasus186996 species:pony668134 episode:maretime bay day 2.01 g56021 my little pony: tell your tale538 spoiler:tyts01e116 blep5270 candy3928 clothing299898 colored hooves5483 colored wings4356 cotton candy426 cutie mark28575 duo39245 duo female6857 eyebrows7780 female743946 females only7999 folded wings4016 food41971 gradient hair2862 grin22399 hat53052 hoof hold5427 hooves12794 licking lips2412 mare294212 multicolored hair5209 multicolored wings2390 ponytail11646 shoulder bag78 smiling151968 stirring38 tongue out54666 video385 visor458 wings70745


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