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From the episode "Zipp's Flight School" from Tell Your Tale!

I love her so much, just a minute of total screentime and she's stolen my heart.
safe986150 artist:aztrial15 character:fifi (g5)30 species:pegasus185130 species:pony663338 episode:zipp gets her wings15 g54578 my little pony: tell your tale144 cart985 clothing298218 coat markings1683 colored hooves4829 colored wings4140 cute126243 female739884 fifibetes11 floating heart1249 fruit652 green background1257 grin22160 happy18809 hat52572 heart25447 hooves11906 looking at you98125 mare290473 multicolored wings2197 one hoof raised762 ponytail11571 scene interpretation5532 shoulder bag77 simple background234201 smiling149952 socks (coat marking)2372 solo625351 spread wings32833 three quarter view2629 two toned wings1595 visor435 wings69061


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