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All You Need Is Your Beat (Voltex Pixel Remix) | MY LITTLE PONY®: Make Your Mark Series

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Another of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. That evening along with having Imalou as a guest artist we were discussing Everfree Northwest which we had both attended the weekend before. Of all the EFNW mascots Marina is my favorite of the bunch, so I had to draw her swimming beneath the waves.

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safe986181 artist:baron engel2065 oc375824 oc only252587 oc:marina (efnw)65 species:pony663371 species:seapony (g4)2412 arm hooves2958 black and white7516 bubble2989 cute126254 explicit source5296 eyebrows6263 female739906 grayscale22651 grimdark source155 human shoulders479 mare290495 monochrome85616 ocbetes3606 open mouth81249 orca pony313 original species13947 pencil drawing5750 semi-anthro6905 simple background234208 solo625370 swimming1181 traditional art65749 underwater3119 white background54903


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