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From source (29 August 2022):
Found this meme trending quite a bit, I decided to do my own interpretation :3…

Twitter description (29 August 2022):
She wants to order. #mlpg5
safe991145 artist:legionsunite47 character:pipp petals1540 character:zipp storm1090 species:pegasus187086 species:pony668354 g56149 butt22979 car3268 car interior18 cheek fluff3622 circlet747 colored eyebrows1752 dock24326 eye clipping through hair4046 eyebrows7858 female744146 he wants to order4 headband2128 looking at you99675 mare294393 meme38070 pipp wings1399 plot41217 ponified20231 ponified meme443 raised tail7079 royal sisters (g5)73 selfie1931 siblings4527 sisters5210 snapchat262 tail15756 zippbutt18


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