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If you catch her pawing at the ground it might be because she detected a buried corpse of some kind deep below. ⚰️
safe986150 artist:tonyyotes78 artist:yotesgames72 artist:yotesmark78 character:princess luna65639 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:skullna2 species:pony663338 lunadoodle836 moonstuck1140 battle gem ponies79 bone1503 bow15721 clothing298218 crossover36334 cubone17 cute126243 digital art10000 filly35736 filly luna177 ghost1431 ghost pony253 hat52572 jewelry37231 lunabetes2436 necklace11363 nintendo1877 pixel art5595 pokémon4678 ponymon334 skeleton966 skeleton costume127 skeleton pony196 skull1706 solo625351 tail bow2926 video game2495 woona3535 young1377 younger10813 zombie1061 zombie costume2


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