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This is some character studies for an upcoming commission for :iconmoonatikart:. It's set in a Star Wars/Anthro MLP crossover universe.
There's several reasons for doing study art like this:
1. It helps confirm that I understand the character before you start on the finished commission. For this piece I wanted to make sure I had the height of the characters correct and that my builds of the individuals matched what the client was imagining. In this case the client asked if I could make Selenite, the imperial officer, more flat-chested.
2. Make sure I am adapting the uniforms/costumes to the anthro pony build in a way that the client agrees to.
3. Am I getting the general personality of the characters correct. If everything checks out then move on to the finished piece. Which I will post tomorrow.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon
safe993337 artist:baron engel2080 oc377363 oc only253803 oc:grim fate14 oc:selenite97 species:anthro147840 species:bat pony30145 species:pony670606 species:unguligrade anthro28382 species:unicorn186555 bat wings5015 belt3384 black and white7540 clothing300545 crossover36644 duo39721 duo female7041 ear fluff18699 explicit source5768 female745930 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hair bun2144 height difference419 hoof boots231 horn32407 lightsaber560 mare295966 military825 military uniform571 monochrome85761 pencil drawing5783 simple background236766 sketch34897 spread wings34193 star wars1717 traditional art65948 uniform6377 white background55804 wings71582


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