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From source (17 April 2021):
Oi it’s them new g5 pones
The Zipp(?) one is conveniently covering most of her face with those wing things ;(
safe987598 artist:andromedasparkz162 character:pipp petals1223 character:zipp storm814 species:pegasus185685 species:pony664783 g54896 backwards cutie mark1859 circlet662 coat markings1785 colored hooves5037 colored pupils6398 colored wings4203 cutie mark28409 female741242 flying24346 hooves12189 looking at you98599 mare291814 multicolored wings2255 open mouth81626 pipp wings1095 royalty794 siblings4447 simple background234833 sisters5131 socks (coat marking)2453 transparent background126868 unshorn fetlocks16632 wings69570


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