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From source (31 July 2022):
#mlpfanart #mlpg5 #digitalart
safe986860 artist:drakekok1 character:izzy moonbow2088 species:anthro147279 species:unicorn183996 g54772 black lipstick162 breasts156057 choker6383 cleavage fluff405 clothing298580 collar17261 ear piercing14571 female740511 fishnets2763 glasses36392 goth1287 goth izzy153 gradient hair2545 jewelry37362 lipstick5332 makeup11436 mare291127 midriff12238 multicolored hair4830 necklace11430 piercing22259 shoulder fluff1057 signature15587 socks37170 solo625799 spiked choker880 spiked collar567 stockings19063 thigh highs19767 thighs6395


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