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From source (19 November 2022):
#mlpg5 #mistymlp #alphabittle #mlp #mylittlepony

inspired by @Sallylla , and @_Maka_11 's theory and by my friend's upcoming fanfic. (Dawn was misty's original name)!
safe986860 artist:kreeeeeez11 character:alphabittle20 character:misty199 species:pony664023 species:unicorn183996 g54772 spoiler:g5342 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark214 coat markings1745 colored eyebrows1426 colored hooves4962 crying23148 dialogue44494 eyebrows6557 eyes closed54432 female740511 floppy ears30659 freckles17895 gradient background7729 hooves12081 hug17063 male196624 mare291127 purple background1708 simple background234514 socks (coat marking)2425 stallion64554 tears of joy1361 text27461 unshorn fetlocks16559


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