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From source (16 November 2022):
Color guide for Sunny
safe988253 artist:briarlight8 derpibooru original13423 part of a set7482 character:sunny starscout1707 species:alicorn136485 species:earth pony141580 species:pony665386 g55044 alicornified2988 artificial horn65 artificial wings961 augmented1598 color palette248 cutie mark28476 female741894 horn31063 magic45396 magic horn81 magic wings463 mare292372 race swap8269 reference sheet7461 solo626931 sunnycorn72 wings69857


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Supermarine Spitfire
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I feel the same way. I have to admit one of the reasons why I have not been doing many coloured G5 pieces is because there are not many references out there. Solely relying on screencaps can be an issue because lighting is much more relevant in 3D.
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Ooooooh, hope we'll see more of these! This will make fanart much easier to do