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From source (21 November 2022):
woah i fially made an account here!
did i mention that misty makes me happy beyond words
safe990969 artist:kreeeeeez13 derpibooru original13577 character:misty brightdawn517 species:human75083 species:pony668134 species:unicorn185555 g56021 clothing299898 coat markings2011 colored fetlocks33 colored hooves5483 cute128332 cutie mark28575 cutie mark on clothes774 dark skin2389 doodle1287 duo39245 fake cutie mark305 female743946 freckles18193 hooves12794 hug17172 human ponidox2088 humanized53285 mare294212 mistybetes239 ponidox4991 self paradox890 self ponidox4681 socks (coat marking)2656 species swap12473 unshorn fetlocks17193


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