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“W… Why do you look so excited all of a sudden?”

“Look! Those mushrooms!

“What about them? …Are they very tasty or something?”

“If you tried to taste one, you wouldn’t even live long enough to describe the flavour! That’s the extremely rare South Griffonian Horrible Death Fungus! I had no idea they even grew here!”

”…I see?”

“I must pick them and preserve them for my collection. You should probably stay back a bit.”

“You are… a bit eccentric, Bittergreen.”
safe989773 artist:paskanaakka794 oc376396 oc only253095 oc:bittergreen43 oc:midnight dew192 species:earth pony142009 species:pony666967 species:unicorn185018 cloak2689 clothing299541 duo39054 duo female6776 ear fluff18288 explicit source5596 eyelashes5362 female742959 females only7995 forest6311 horn31501 mare293407 mushroom583 smiling151410 tree19674 tree stump328 wide eyes10509


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