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I doubt I'll have the free time to actually keep up with it, but I thought it would be fun to try and tackle some of Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground entries. If nothing else, it gave me the excuse to draw Petunia Paleo!
safe992613 artist:harwick258 character:petunia paleo172 character:twilight sparkle172370 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76024 species:alicorn137077 species:earth pony143066 species:pony669867 newbie artist training grounds3999 atg 2018567 black and white7537 clothing300331 crossover36619 cutie mark28602 duo39549 duo female6947 female745231 females only8005 filly36046 grayscale22696 hat53179 holding2261 holding a pony1728 horn32074 horn impalement323 jurassic park109 lightning1940 mare295331 monochrome85734 rain3869 scared6545 sitting38946 tyrannosaurus rex133 wide eyes10519 young1757


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