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From source (4 September 2022):
Art by @LuminousDazzle #mlp #mlpg5

Animation of >>4026054
safe987515 artist:luminousdazzle166 artist:szafir87136 character:pipp petals1219 species:pegasus185647 species:pony664706 g54872 my little pony: tell your tale198 spoiler:g5364 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale109 spoiler:tyts01e116 adorapipp317 animated64263 blep5203 blinking2473 circlet661 colored hooves5030 cute126864 ear fluff17979 eyebrows6750 female741156 gif21280 hooves12182 jewelry37439 mare291740 maretime bay day 2.04 pipp wings1091 signature15771 silly4650 silly pony1986 smiling150466 tiara2157 tongue out54462 unshorn fetlocks16626 weapons-grade cute2504


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