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From source (18 December 2022):
Hearth's Warming is near and Sylvia is ready for the festivities! 🌨❄🎀 #NewProfilePic #mlp
safe989701 artist:dandy419 oc376377 oc only253085 oc:sylvia evergreen37 species:pegasus186520 species:pony666902 blushing105847 bow15839 braid4098 braided pigtails139 bust28819 christmas7713 clothing299512 cute127797 ear fluff18266 eye clipping through hair3973 eyebrows7420 eyebrows visible through hair2658 eyelashes5362 female742890 freckles18079 happy18901 hat52894 high res17383 holiday10805 looking at you99283 looking sideways at you95 mare293344 ocbetes3804 open mouth82137 pigtails2806 portrait19456 ribbon4108 santa hat3506 scarf13807 snow8579 snowfall2724 solo627654 three quarter view3059


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