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From source (25 December 2022):

"Hmmm, Quien podría ser? Eh Rodolfo?"
El episodio del regalo secreto de Tell Your Tale nos dió un pequeño momentito Stormblazer, y aproveché las fiestas para sacarlo como mi dibujo navideño, espero que les guste tanto como a mi <3

“Hmmm, Who could it be, Hey Rudolph?”

Secret Canter episode from Tell Your Tale gave us a short Stormblazer moment, So I waited until the holidays to release it as my christmas drawing, Hope you like it as much as I do! <3
safe988204 artist:fantaje31 character:hitch trailblazer695 character:zipp storm847 species:earth pony141567 species:pegasus185948 species:pony665343 ship:hitchzipp33 g55036 abstract background8934 adorazipp157 affection107 album142 blaze (coat marking)1237 blushing105666 christmas7707 coat markings1822 colored eyebrows1541 colored hooves5113 cute127264 duo38721 duo male and female539 eyebrows6949 eyes closed54589 female741857 hitchbetes93 holiday10772 hoof hold5340 hooves12290 kissing12907 male196798 mare292340 profile5278 raised hoof28820 red background501 sequins26 shipping103316 signature16010 simple background235112 sitting38506 smiling150764 snow8575 snowflake429 socks (coat marking)2486 stallion64709 straight64143 three quarter view2999 unshorn fetlocks16707


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