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All You Need Is Your Beat (Voltex Pixel Remix) | MY LITTLE PONY®: Make Your Mark Series

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From source (10 October 2022):
more info on these [link] babes I drew earlier. oldest is from right to left.

Honey Blossom: The youngest of the four, she has a short and small build like her mother. She spends a lot of her time outside, growing flowers and just practicing her magic. She earner her cutie mark when she helped bumblebees find food and shelter during a rain shower. She creates nectar-rich flowers for them, and advocated for their safety/endangerment. Hitch is very proud of her, but the bees can sometimes scare him, so just imagine Pipp's reaction whenever they're in the home.

Swift Justice: Very invested in crime-stopper shows, and anything similar. "Bring your foal in for work" day was basically everyday for Swift and Hitch. Sometimes he can be too strict about things, and ends up yelling at his other classmates over tiny things ("put those crayons back!" "that's not fair I tagged you!"). Became more of a perfectionist as he grew, and often treats himself to spa days after his hard day of work. He won't touch any dirt or mud if he's just had a hooficure (he paid a lot of bits for that!)

Darling Petals: Darling sees beauty is everypony and everything. It's almost like she can see their sparks… She used to play around the salon when she was a filly, spinning in the chairs and getting into the polish (Pipp only brought her in early before opening or after closing). Once she discovered the failed makeup testing her mother was working on, she decided to finish the recipes. After applying the product on herself, her cutie mark showed itself! Since then she has become an employee right alongside her mother.

Jazz: First born, and definitely a "surprise" for Pipp and Hitch. They weren't prepared for the family life, and Pipp would often vent to her friend Jazz Hooves about her fear of not becoming a good mother. Jazz was there for them through the whole way, supporting them both. Once Pipp gave birth, she knew immediently she had to name this foal Jazz. Jazz was in love with music ever since she was a small fetus, and she adored the bedtime songs Pipp sang to them. Her love for music and dance grew bigger just as she did, and she magnetized more to dancing. She is still struggling to find work to put her talent to good use.
safe987535 artist:primrosepaper3 oc375887 oc only252709 oc:darling petals2 oc:honey blossom27 oc:jazz30 oc:swift justice22 species:earth pony141375 species:pegasus185657 species:pony664725 g54878 coat markings1785 colored hooves5030 cute126881 earth pony oc2988 facial markings98 feathered fetlocks361 female741176 g5 oc2 grin22218 group2139 hooves12182 male196709 mare291762 ocbetes3699 offspring21850 pale belly575 parent:hitch trailblazer4 parent:pipp petals4 parents:hitchpipp4 pegasus oc4260 quartet301 siblings4447 simple background234813 smiling150474 snip (coat marking)34 socks (coat marking)2453 stallion64633 unshorn fetlocks16627 white background55078


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