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From source (29 December 2022):
So hey I wrote a story and this is the cover for it!! I wanted something I could do quick and fast so pretty simple background here but I think it turned out cute. I adore Misty's hair and it was fun finally drawing it myself!!

The ficlet I wrote for this is only 1500 words and is part of a Secret Santa event!! My story was for SigmasonicX. You can read it here , I am actually really proud of it n_n

* * *

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safe987541 artist:willoillo90 character:izzy moonbow2114 character:misty brightdawn217 species:pony664733 species:unicorn184283 g54879 spoiler:g5366 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark235 abstract background8883 coat markings1785 colored hooves5031 cute126884 eyebrows6753 eyebrows visible through hair2368 eyes closed54501 female741183 gift box145 gradient hair2574 hoof hold5315 hooves12183 izzybetes572 mare291768 mistybetes111 multicolored hair4869 open mouth81600 present3487 profile5191 signature15782 smiling150475 socks (coat marking)2453 three quarter view2926 unshorn fetlocks16628


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