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From source (21 December 2022):
First G5 fanart in along while!
safe987554 artist:redahfuhrerking85 character:pipp petals1222 character:zipp storm812 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 g54885 adorapipp319 adorazipp138 angry16430 circlet661 colored hooves5033 cute126891 female741199 gradient background7766 heart hoof226 hooves12185 in goliath's palm120 madorable473 mare291778 marelet7 micro5235 pipp is small52 pipp wings1094 royal sisters (g5)24 siblings4447 simple background234818 sisters5131 size difference7003 smol380 that horse sure does smol1 tiny638 tiny ponies841 unshorn fetlocks16629


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