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From source (25 August 2022):
#LLVM Pony and Ferris on a date. #Rust

Art by @Kuzuyukuro
safe990969 artist:ginmaruxx86 oc376707 oc only253248 oc:ferris2 oc:llvm1 species:crab534 species:dracony3667 species:dragon33493 species:pony668134 abstract background9012 blushing106026 colored tongue12 date505 duo39245 eyes closed54876 facial markings106 fangs15092 ferris the crab1 floating heart1296 happy18969 heart25741 hug17172 hybrid10241 llvm2 one eye closed17350 open mouth82445 open smile1225 ponified20230 programming46 raised leg4697 rust (programming language)1 sharp teeth2623 simple background235856 smiling151968 species swap12473 spread wings33751 wings70745


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