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Me and my precious pegasus

Sketch by @AndaluceArt, Mala coloured by me, Hazie also coloured by Andy
safe987514 artist:andaluce116 artist:rainbowšpekgs82 oc375884 oc only252708 species:bat pony29737 species:pegasus185646 species:pony664705 bat wings4768 chest fluff23064 collaboration3836 cutie mark28406 duo38617 duo male and female528 explicit source5439 eyebrows6750 eyelashes5153 female741155 folded wings3777 grin22218 holding hooves882 hug17072 looking at you98573 male196708 mare291739 shipping103264 sitting38425 slit eyes2860 smiling150465 stallion64632 winghug1764 wings69533


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