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From source (8 November 2022):
A couple of days ago I was taking a little break and doodled a lil sunny on a sketchbook. I was intending to upload it but i didn't feel satisfied, then after coming back home, I pulled up a piece of paper, a 6B graphite and started to draw Sunny, based on the doodle I made… She's got quite the optimistic look and smile that I love. She's indeed someone who could give you a break from everything with her spirit.

Sunny Starscout is (C) Hasbro.
safe988253 artist:zubirus2 character:sunny starscout1707 species:earth pony141580 species:pony665386 g55044 my little pony: a new generation993 bag2818 black and white7530 bust28772 drawing2492 female741894 grayscale22682 mare292372 monochrome85668 portrait19443 signature16023 simple background235122 smiling150785 solo626931 traditional art65832


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