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From source (4 December 2022):
safe993445 artist:galaxy swirl17 derpibooru original13827 character:pipp petals1800 character:queen haven93 character:zipp storm1341 species:pegasus187923 species:pony670654 g57390 spoiler:g51639 adorapipp569 adorazipp310 beanie2190 candy3951 candy cane1397 cellphone2413 christmas7792 clothing300572 colored eyebrows1921 colored hooves6056 cute129355 daughter402 eye clipping through hair4196 eyebrows8414 female746007 food42158 hat53233 holiday10971 holly1024 hoof hold5525 hooves13490 mother1402 mother and child920 mother and daughter2939 mothers gonna mother53 parent and child152 phone3854 pipp wings1654 present3508 profile5659 royal sisters (g5)110 santa hat3531 scarf13882 selfie1937 siblings4591 sisters5260 smartphone1477 three quarter view3255 unshorn fetlocks17876


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