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From source (1 June 2022):
No one needs the sooorrow, no one needs the paaain
I hate to seeeee you walking oooout there out in the raaaaaaaain!
Ahem. More Zipp, with more action this time, inspired by some early concepts for the movie.
#mlp #mlpg5 #zipp #zippstorm
safe989720 artist:asimos177 character:zipp storm941 species:pegasus186528 species:pony666922 g55411 cellphone2351 clothing299521 colored eyebrows1632 colored hooves5237 colored wings4312 eyebrows7443 eyes closed54762 female742908 flying24459 gray background4291 headphones4830 hooves12509 mare293362 multicolored wings2347 open mouth82144 phone3771 raised hoof28985 shirt15069 signature16401 simple background235500 solo627669 spread wings33564 t-shirt2350 three quarter view3059 unshorn fetlocks16885 wings70366


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