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From source (11 December 2022):
Sometimes you wanna go where everypony knows your name

Cheers love the sitcom

Norm:afternoon everypony!
Everypony: NOORRRMMMM!
Woody: how would a beer feel mr Peterson?
Norm: probably better going in then out wood

Also rip kristie ally who played Rebecca how on cheers

Drawn by KyleRustone
Commissioned by me
safe987456 artist:kaylerustone10 derpibooru original13395 character:fifi (g5)35 character:jazz hooves82 character:pipp petals1218 character:posey bloom51 character:rocky riff9 character:sugar moonlight28 character:windy (g5)20 character:zipp storm806 species:anthro147344 species:earth pony141356 species:pegasus185630 species:plantigrade anthro18177 species:unicorn184252 g54864 adorapipp315 alcohol3954 bar755 beer919 carla1 cheers27 cliff claven1 commission38587 crossover36440 cute126832 dahlia3 drink3324 female741098 male196704 norm peterson1 pipp wings1090 posey bloom2 rocky riff2 sam molone1 stallion64628 windy67 woody boyed1


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