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safe987545 screencap194439 character:izzy moonbow2114 character:jazz hooves82 character:pipp petals1221 character:señor butterscotch8 species:earth pony141380 species:pegasus185663 species:pony664740 species:unicorn184285 episode:it's t.u.e.s. day5 g54879 my little pony: tell your tale198 spoiler:g5366 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale109 spoiler:tyts01e095 animated64263 eyes closed54503 female741191 gif21280 glowing horn12309 gradient hair2574 gritted teeth6820 hair curlers202 laughing4838 magic45330 magic aura2803 mare291770 multicolored hair4869 nervous3503 open mouth81602 open smile809 pipp wings1093 shocked4154 shrunken pupils1890 sitting38430 smiling150476 teeth5036 telekinesis17473 youtube link2404


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