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From source (7 August 2022):
a cute dress she wore in the new episode
safe989720 artist:aztrial41 character:pipp petals1340 species:pegasus186528 species:pony666922 g55411 my little pony: tell your tale276 spoiler:g5603 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale163 spoiler:tyts01e217 clothing299521 coat markings1887 colored eyebrows1632 colored hooves5237 crown10435 dress27155 eyebrows7443 female742908 hair over one eye4537 headdress314 hooves12509 jewelry37664 looking at you99295 mare293362 my bananas7 pipp wings1206 raised hoof28985 regalia12228 scene interpretation5566 smiling151380 socks (coat marking)2543 solo627669 three quarter view3059 unshorn fetlocks16885


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