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Two-Stop Telephone ☎️

Rusty and Whispy having a small talk through impressive radiotelephone technology
safe993789 artist:rexyseven234 oc377498 oc:rusty gears168 oc:whispy slippers90 species:earth pony143568 species:pony671099 blah blah blah36 blushing106543 clothing300686 confused3064 cute129534 cutie mark28631 duo39851 duo female7115 eyebrows8514 eyebrows visible through hair3065 female746433 females only8015 freckles18370 glasses36734 heterochromia3260 looking sideways1462 mare296362 ocbetes3925 ponytail11695 scraf1 shoes22203 slippers667 socks37459 striped socks12138 tin can telephone8


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