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Two-Stop Telephone ☎️

Rusty and Whispy having a small talk through impressive radiotelephone technology
safe988296 artist:rexyseven233 oc376108 oc:rusty gears166 oc:whispy slippers90 species:earth pony141604 species:pony665436 blah blah blah35 blushing105675 clothing299137 confused3032 cute127297 cutie mark28486 duo38733 duo female6567 eyebrows6982 eyebrows visible through hair2450 female741944 females only7986 freckles17972 glasses36432 heterochromia3117 looking sideways1422 mare292414 ocbetes3762 ponytail11615 scraf1 shoes22022 slippers666 socks37227 striped socks12064 tin can telephone8


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