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From source (6 February 2023):
More Misty cause I'm obsessed
#mylittlepony #misty
safe990969 artist:luminousdazzle177 character:misty brightdawn517 species:pony668134 species:unicorn185555 g56021 spoiler:g51034 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark729 accessories572 alternate design1832 alternate hairstyle17359 bracelet6274 coat markings2011 colored eyebrows1729 colored hooves5483 cute128332 eyebrows7780 eyes closed54876 face paint498 female743946 freckles18193 gradient hooves337 headphones4837 hooves12794 jewelry37887 mare294212 mistybetes239 signature16706 simple background235856 sitting38781 smiling151968 socks (coat marking)2656 solo628437 solo female99765 unshorn fetlocks17193 wavy mane120


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