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Both background practice, and posing practice—all under the guise of shipping! Because drawing ship art is de-stressing.

Characters are Rosa Maledicta and Starry Night from the Equestria at War mod for HOI4
safe989759 artist:princess_rari2 oc376388 oc only253094 oc:rosa maledicta10 oc:starry night (eaw)25 species:pony666954 species:unicorn185010 equestria at war mod161 blue hair552 blushing105858 cigarette2010 clothing299541 colored eyebrows1632 crack shipping1870 duo39047 duo female6775 explicit source5596 eyebrows7471 eyes closed54770 fangs15055 female742947 females only7995 floppy ears30887 gray coat141 horn31498 hug17145 icicle67 jacket8043 jewelry37667 mare293396 mountain3228 oc x oc8529 orange eyes182 pink coat59 red hair458 river1251 sharp teeth2577 shipping103453 smoking2176 snow8580 tiara2168 undead802 vampire2337 water8522


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