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Sunny’s lips tastes like Lavender.
safe988296 artist:doomxwolf3 character:izzy moonbow2158 character:sunny starscout1715 species:earth pony141604 species:pony665436 species:unicorn184548 ship:starbow101 g55071 my little pony: a new generation994 alternate ending315 blushing105675 comic66313 dialogue44571 duo38733 eyebrows6982 eyebrows visible through hair2450 female741944 floating heart1274 gradient hair2620 heart25576 kiss on the lips40 kissing12910 lesbian50914 multicolored hair4938 parody7998 pinpoint eyes42 scene interpretation5553 scene parody529 shipping103328 speech bubble14145 staring contest81 starry eyes2025 surprise kiss435 surprised5680 text27579 wingding eyes12281


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