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Uploaded to source on 17 February 2023.

Twitter description (17 February 2023):
safe988296 artist:avrameow91 character:hitch trailblazer702 character:izzy moonbow2158 character:pipp petals1264 character:sunny starscout1715 character:zipp storm855 species:earth pony141604 species:pegasus185993 species:pony665436 species:unicorn184548 g55071 adorapipp347 adorazipp158 blaze (coat marking)1244 braid4088 braided ponytail193 chest fluff23161 circlet674 colored eyebrows1552 colored pupils6417 cute127297 ear fluff18076 eyebrows6982 feather3478 female741944 gradient hair2620 hitchbetes94 izzybetes598 jewelry37522 looking at you98916 male196827 mane g5192 mare292414 multicolored hair4938 neck fluff505 open mouth81823 open smile893 pipp wings1132 ponytail11615 princess pipp7 royal sisters (g5)31 siblings4461 signature16028 sisters5146 smiling150800 smiling at you1665 split screen214 stallion64729 sunnybetes448 three quarter view3005 tiara2160 two sides111 wing fluff1109 wings69871


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