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Marker Mischief ✏️

Okay, who is the one responsible for this?
safe988204 artist:rexyseven233 oc376076 oc only252861 oc:koraru koi15 oc:rusty gears166 species:earth pony141567 species:pony665343 species:seapony (g4)2418 angry16433 augmented1598 blushing105666 cute127264 dialogue44567 eyes closed54589 female741857 grin22248 helmet6861 mare292340 marker222 narrowed eyes657 nervous3507 nervous grin679 ocbetes3759 open mouth81803 prank847 prosthetic leg492 prosthetic limb1641 prosthetics1907 smiling150764 solo focus10851 speech bubble14145 text27572 water8472


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