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February 12, 2023 at 9:24 PM UTC
:: Sunny Starscout ::
Time taken: 2 days

Software used: Medibang Paint

Alternate Source (Twitter)
I loved Sunny’s concept art and wanted to draw something fusing it into her final design.

I also wanted to try out some different brushes. G-Pen is a game changer.

#sunnystarscout #mlpg5 #brony
safe993445 artist:skyboundsiren2 character:sunny starscout2311 species:earth pony143354 species:pony670654 g57390 brown background454 coat markings2336 colored eyebrows1921 cute129355 eyebrows8414 female746007 goggles8867 high res18126 looking at you100306 mare295998 open mouth83134 simple background236784 socks (coat marking)2956 solo629946 sunny's buttons119 sunnybetes647 three quarter view3255


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