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From source (5 March 2023):

A Zipp to match Pipp. :3 Free to use, makes a great icon!

Doing a G5 character every $10 that gets donated. If you want to see your favorite, considering throwing some bits my way! Every little bit helps greatly while I’m still stuck in the hospital. ;n;
safe988251 artist:emberslament268 part of a set7482 character:zipp storm848 species:pegasus185967 species:pony665385 g55044 adorazipp157 against glass719 blep5225 colored hooves5119 cute127278 eyebrows6967 eyebrows visible through hair2450 female741892 glass2812 heart25574 heart eyes8814 hooves12301 licking10221 licking the fourth wall29 looking at you98902 mare292371 mlem505 portrait19443 silly4651 solo626929 tongue out54498 underhoof27259 wingding eyes12280


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