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Uploaded to source on 12 March 2023.
safe987513 artist:xiaowu071 derpibooru original13395 character:misty brightdawn216 species:pony664704 species:unicorn184275 g54872 spoiler:g5364 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark233 abstract background8881 coat markings1785 colored eyebrows1482 colored hooves5030 curly mane220 dark background539 dodge82 eye clipping through hair3785 eyebrows6750 eyebrows visible through hair2365 female741154 freckles17924 glowing157 hooves12182 laser593 looking at you98572 mare291738 raised hoof28732 signature15770 socks (coat marking)2452 solo626325 unshorn fetlocks16626


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