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Alright alright, here is an actual adorable Misty :P enjoy
safe992613 artist:taurson482 character:misty brightdawn744 species:pony669867 species:unicorn186236 g56980 spoiler:g51516 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1004 butt23086 butt freckles987 coat markings2216 colored hooves5859 curly mane236 curly tail66 cute129027 eyebrows8158 eyebrows visible through hair2931 female745231 freckles18288 happy19042 hooves13250 mare295331 mistybetes320 open mouth82893 open smile1451 signature16928 smiling152697 socks (coat marking)2846 solo629456 tail15917 unshorn fetlocks17644


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