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From source (2 June 2022):
>When you haven't grown since you were a kid.
safe988296 artist:aztrial36 character:pipp petals1264 character:zipp storm855 species:pegasus185993 species:pony665436 g55071 abstract background8938 adorapipp347 adorazipp158 angry16436 circlet674 coat markings1828 colored eyebrows1552 colored hooves5121 colored wings4253 comic66313 cute127297 dialogue44571 duo38733 duo female6567 eyebrows6982 female741944 filly35847 filly pipp petals7 filly zipp storm13 floppy ears30776 foal8960 gradient background7808 height difference374 hooves12307 long legs212 madorable474 mare292414 multicolored wings2300 pipp is small53 pipp is tall3 pipp petals is not amused7 pipp wings1132 scrunchy face4413 socks (coat marking)2490 speech bubble14145 spread wings33297 text27579 unamused9774 wings69871 young1494 younger10829 zipp is short2 zipp is tall1 zipp storm is not amused7


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