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From source (2 June 2022):
>When you haven't grown since you were a kid.
safe992613 artist:aztrial70 character:pipp petals1719 character:zipp storm1260 species:pegasus187616 species:pony669867 g56980 abstract background9056 adorapipp531 adorazipp283 angry16539 circlet790 coat markings2216 colored eyebrows1854 colored hooves5859 colored wings4422 comic66404 cute129027 dialogue44776 duo39549 duo female6947 eyebrows8158 female745231 filly36046 filly pipp petals20 filly zipp storm27 floppy ears31084 foal9106 gradient background8023 height difference399 hooves13250 long legs217 madorable489 mare295331 multicolored wings2452 pipp is small77 pipp is tall3 pipp petals is not amused22 pipp wings1574 scrunchy face4428 socks (coat marking)2846 speech bubble14254 spread wings34033 text27872 unamused9863 wings71294 young1757 younger10922 zipp is short3 zipp is tall1 zipp storm is not amused20


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