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From source (15 November 2022):
#mlp #MyLittlePony #マイリトルポニー #mlpfanart #PippPetals
safe989773 artist:plusplus_pony30 character:pipp petals1348 species:pegasus186552 species:pony666967 g55441 adorapipp386 cellphone2352 circlet693 colored eyebrows1637 colored hooves5244 colored pupils6427 colored wings4315 crown10435 cute127832 eyebrows7476 female742959 flying24462 hoof hold5381 hooves12518 jewelry37671 looking at you99310 mare293407 open mouth82163 open smile1059 phone3772 pipp wings1214 regalia12229 simple background235523 smartphone1420 smiling151410 smiling at you1844 solo627703 spread wings33574 unshorn fetlocks16899 white background55355 wings70388


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