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From source (15 November 2022):
#mlp #MyLittlePony #マイリトルポニー #mlpfanart #PippPetals
safe993952 artist:plusplus_pony30 character:pipp petals1872 species:pegasus188164 species:pony671252 g57741 adorapipp597 cellphone2422 circlet837 colored eyebrows1973 colored hooves6216 colored pupils6487 colored wings4504 crown10559 cute129599 eyebrows8534 female746564 flying24671 hoof hold5564 hooves13671 jewelry38403 looking at you100464 mare296464 open mouth83305 open smile1695 phone3865 pipp wings1725 regalia12393 simple background237058 smartphone1483 smiling153393 smiling at you2410 solo630273 spread wings34279 unshorn fetlocks18067 white background55893 wings71764


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