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From source (5 April 2023):
Zephyrina Storm as a member of Zephyr Heights Air Force.
I really enjoy drawing her <3
Cup of "coffee to go" is a must!
safe989773 artist:rutkotka214 character:zipp storm948 species:pegasus186552 species:pony666967 g55441 aviator5 clothing299541 coffee2522 coffee cup192 colored eyebrows1637 colored hooves5244 colored wings4315 drink3381 eyebrows7476 female742959 goggles8843 hooves12518 jacket8043 mare293407 multicolored wings2350 pilot178 smiling151410 solo627703 three quarter view3062 unshorn fetlocks16899 wing fluff1112 wing hands1296 wings70388


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