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From source (9 April 2023):
A strange feeling kindles inside Opaline.

Uploaded to Twitter on 9 April 2023.
safe989773 artist:thebigstuff8938 character:misty brightdawn318 character:opaline arcana105 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666967 species:unicorn185018 g55441 spoiler:g5614 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark432 colored hooves5244 cute127832 descriptive noise891 duo39054 eyebrows7476 female742959 floppy ears30888 front view362 full face view400 head pat166 high res17430 hooves12518 mare293407 mistybetes156 onomatopoeia2123 open mouth82163 pat181 petting1050 sitting38666 starry eyes2036 unshorn fetlocks16899 wingding eyes12333


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