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From source (4 June 2022):
Personality swap pipp and zipp
safe993967 artist:chub-wub398 character:pipp petals1879 character:zipp storm1447 species:pegasus188175 species:pony671266 g57756 adorapipp597 adorazipp336 alternate hairstyle17449 bandage3395 bandaid1047 bandana3167 cellphone2422 clothing300731 colored hooves6219 colored wings4505 cute129602 dialogue44923 duo39888 eyebrows8535 eyes closed55261 female746578 hoof hold5564 hooves13674 jewelry38406 mare296478 markings785 multicolored wings2527 necklace11843 personality swap156 phone3865 pipp wings1732 role reversal875 royal sisters (g5)130 siblings4621 simple background237058 sisters5287 smartphone1483 spread wings34282 text28026 unshorn fetlocks18070 white background55893 wings71768


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