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From source (11 March 2023):
Thunder and Zoom
safe993967 artist:luminousdazzle185 character:thunder flap50 character:zoom zephyrwing51 species:pegasus188175 species:pony671266 g57756 adorazoom3 coat markings2426 colored eyebrows1974 colored hooves6219 colored wings4505 cute129602 duo39888 duo male and female723 eyebrows8535 female746578 gradient hooves357 guard812 hooves13674 looking at each other12185 looking at someone846 male198162 mare296478 partially open wings94 simple background237058 sitting39105 smiling153398 smiling at each other101 socks (coat marking)3039 stallion65737 thundorable3 unshorn fetlocks18070 wings71768


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