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Twitter description (29 April 2023):
Royal boop<3
#pipppetals #zippstorm #boop #pony #mlp #art #myartwork
safe994412 artist:taiweiart21 character:pipp petals1950 character:zipp storm1503 species:pegasus188312 species:pony671585 g57962 abstract background9096 adorapipp614 adorazipp344 circlet852 colored hooves6314 colored wings4517 cute129707 ear fluff18768 eyebrows8618 eyes closed55297 female746916 floppy ears31276 hooves13818 mare296734 multicolored wings2537 pipp wings1803 profile5770 raised hoof29691 spread wings34316 unshorn fetlocks18176 wings71827


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