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From source (26 July 2022):
Zipp but different
safe989755 artist:luminousdazzle174 manebooru spotlight142 character:pipp petals1344 character:zipp storm945 species:pegasus186546 species:pony666951 g55426 adorapipp384 adorazipp189 alternate hairstyle17341 blurry366 blushing105857 colored wings4314 crown10435 cute127823 duo39047 duo female6775 ear piercing14609 female742943 females only7995 floating heart1293 floppy ears30887 folded wings3952 frown14678 gasp629 gradient background7862 heart25675 high res17429 jewelry37667 love2645 mare293393 multicolored hair5035 multicolored wings2349 open mouth82157 piercing22306 pipp wings1210 regalia12228 royal sisters (g5)44 siblings4490 signature16431 simple background235519 sisters5173 spread wings33572 unamused9805 wings70386 zipp storm is not amused8


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