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From source (26 July 2022):
Zipp but different
safe993789 artist:luminousdazzle185 manebooru spotlight173 character:pipp petals1839 character:zipp storm1411 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671099 g57649 adorapipp585 adorazipp329 alternate hairstyle17443 blurry366 blushing106543 colored wings4494 crown10553 cute129534 duo39851 duo female7115 ear piercing14748 female746433 females only8015 floating heart1321 floppy ears31241 folded wings4220 frown14819 gasp634 gradient background8102 heart25993 high res18207 jewelry38376 love2651 mare296362 multicolored hair5671 multicolored wings2521 open mouth83270 piercing22459 pipp wings1693 regalia12386 royal sisters (g5)122 siblings4611 signature17288 simple background236980 sisters5278 spread wings34264 unamused9897 wings71726 zipp storm is not amused24


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