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May 3, 2023 at 3:37:06 AM UTC
Sketch commission for @PrincessLulu58 thanks thanks!!!
safe989755 artist:arwencuack2 oc376390 oc only253094 oc:lulu star moonie5 species:alicorn136666 species:pony666951 alicorn oc13169 alternate cutie mark848 blep5252 blushing105857 cute127823 cutie mark28555 female742943 heart eyes8845 high res17429 horn31498 looking at you99305 lunabetes2487 mare293393 not luna122 one eye closed17310 raised hoof28991 raised leg4665 simple background235519 smiling151403 smiling at you1843 solo627699 sparkles2987 spread wings33572 tongue out54588 white background55352 wingding eyes12332 wings70386 wink14239 winking at you479


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