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From source (24 April 2023):
My Bananas~
safe989755 artist:rivin17760 derpibooru original13488 character:sunny starscout1805 species:earth pony142001 species:pony666951 g55426 my little pony: tell your tale276 spoiler:g5608 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale163 spoiler:tyts01e217 banana1112 banana costume1 bipedal20303 clothing299537 coat markings1890 costume16228 cute127823 embarrassed6706 female742943 floppy ears30887 food41874 food costume45 frown14678 fruit costume3 helmet6871 hooves12511 mare293393 meme38049 my bananas7 open mouth82157 roller skates479 sad14396 sadorable564 signature16431 skates117 socks (coat marking)2545 solo627699 standing6898 suit3504 sunnybetes473 unshorn fetlocks16890 wavy mouth2219


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