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From source (2 April 2023):
Misty redemption arc?

I couldn’t fit Opaline into the scene but she’s definitely somewhere offscreen. This is yet another headcanon of Misty redeeming herself, this time by rushing to Sunny’s aid when Opaline hurt Sunny too much.
safe989755 artist:dashienightingale1 character:misty brightdawn316 character:sunny starscout1805 species:alicorn136666 species:earth pony142001 species:pony666951 species:unicorn185007 g55426 spoiler:g5608 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark429 alicornified3007 colored eyebrows1632 crying23179 duo39047 eyebrows7470 eyebrows visible through hair2691 female742943 magic horn99 magic wings482 mare293393 race swap8297 sad14396 signature16431 sunnycorn89


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