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From source (21 August 2013):
A trade I did with ~LizzyRascal .

She's totally awesome and stuff and you should seriously go look at her bootiful pictures.

Her part: lizzyrascal.deviantart.com/art… [>>4028388]

SPEEDPAINT CHECK IT OUT IT'S ACTUALLY UP NOW www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2hulJ…
safe994390 artist:nalenthi37 oc377619 oc only253948 unnamed oc997 species:pony671569 species:unicorn186956 art trade1050 bow16010 female746896 glowing horn12681 hair bow8897 horn32735 looking at you100544 lying down10058 magic45788 magic aura3072 mare296722 multicolored hair5775 profile5767 simple background237201 solo630487 tail16356 tail bow3004 telekinesis17696 transparent background127321 unicorn oc3463


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