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From source (15 May 2023):
I made half of this pic in 2022, but I had art burnout and did not finished it… Althrough it was really nice, I literally was scared to finish, thinking "IDK what a good background to draw or what lighting and shading to do"… I have no idea why I just did not finished it in simple and bright manner as I did now. I just was thinking "o-o-o good artist have to make complicated renders and spend million hours drawing a picture.." even if it's not the mood to draw anything overdetalised. But I'm happy I've found it between old files and bring it to the world now.

You know, guys, if you're an artist, just draw what and how you like, dont overcomplicate things and follow your mood. You're a great artist even if you don't do 1000 practice sketches and dont like realistic renders. yea!

Tablet Huion h1161 Photoshop CC + SAI 2
Art © Margony 2023
Character © HASBRO
PLEASE do not edit, sell without my permission
safe993913 artist:margony599 character:sunny starscout2410 species:anthro147901 species:earth pony143614 species:unguligrade anthro28393 g57713 bag2908 braid4166 clothing300723 colored hooves6205 digital art10383 drink3492 female746530 handbag83 heart26003 heart eyes8977 hooves13660 leggings1186 looking at you100460 mare296435 open mouth83295 open smile1689 purse346 raised hand43 shirt15143 simple background237042 skirt23901 sleeveless2871 sleeveless shirt37 smiling153372 smoothie200 solo630257 that pony sure does love smoothies8 thighs6416 thunder thighs4685 unshorn fetlocks18055 white background55893 wingding eyes12568


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